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All social gatherings have been cancelled, speakers are sitting at home, and everyone in the industry is considering their options and trying to think in opportunities. How intense this is! Your thoughts are racing, going from being sad, to anger and back to thinking in opportunities. Are there any solutions? And how are we handling this ourselves?

The event branche was hit by the consequences of the corona virus first. Event organisers already cancelled events before the government took their first measures. We also got cancellations right away; as a presentation design company that mainly designs presentations that are used on events we are right in the middle of it. Handling this is hard, but we remain positive! In quiet periods like these we take the time to carry out tasks we have been postponing for a while, such as cleaning our computer folders and writing this blog ;). And of course we all work from home!

A lot of companies and people are willing to help in times of change. We also want to contribute with the knowledge and experience we have. And thus, for you some inspiration, tips and tools to express yourself online even better. The best of luck during this period!


Also some good news

We have a new company: The Next Level Speaker. The Next Level Speaker isn’t just a speakers agency; this speakers agency connect knowledge, network, experience and profession. Experienced speakers with 100+ talks per year coach (story) designers/speakers in presentation content, design, and delivery. Whether you’re a (professional) speaker – or want to be one – or you have an inspiring leadership role, together we’ll make you and/or your story grow. We’ll convert potential into professional.

Creative solutions

We also have some customers who still want their events to take place, and came with creative solutions; a webinar or even a virtual realityevent! A webinar is a composition of the words ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. People can only attend webinars online. There’s no chance to get infected here. There are various tools to organise webinars, such as www.webinar.nl.

TIP 1.

There are various options to spice up your online presentation. In a previous blog, in which we discussed popular trends and tools for 2020, we have mentioned Prezi Video before. This is a video creation tool which enables you to display both yourself and your visuals (your presentation) on screen simultaneously. You can display it live, but you can also record a video. Or watch this for more information about Prezi Video.

TIP 2.

There are way more tools to design your online presentation with. Visme is a tool that helps you make visualisations as presentations, infographics or other visual content. Visme anticipates to the trend of making beautiful content fast. Visme has a lot to offer to make presentations with: templates, graphic elements, photography, and so on.

TIP 3.

Canva is a tool that’s developing strongly, they even offer the option of making videos now! It is easy to use, beautiful design wise, and it has an enormous collection of templates, icons, images and more. Designing slides has never been easier (and faster). This tool offers creative solutions and adapts to different formats quickly on your screen. It’s a great tool especially for non-designers.

TIP 4.

Met het oneindig zoombare canvas en web-whiteboard van Miro kun je werken zoals je wil. Het doet ons een beetje denken aan Prezi in 2010. Je kunt vanaf huis tegelijkertijd online met je collega’s samenwerken. Laat samen de creativiteit de vrije loop, plan projecten en creëer gecentraliseerde informatiehubs om iedereen op de hoogte te houden. Deze tool is in deze tijd super handig om in te zetten om ook virtueel te kunnen brainstormen en/of ideeën vast te leggen! In de video hiernaast zie je wat Miro precies is.

TIP 5.

Sinds eind 2019 zit Present Savvy in the Advisory Board van Xplane©. Met Xplane© kun je virtual reality (VR) evenementen organiseren met (bekende) sprekers als avatars. Dit is een duurzame manier van events organiseren. In de video hiernaast kun je zien wat dit precies inhoudt. Het organiseren van VR evenementen is zeker een creatieve oplossing om je evenement door te laten gaan!


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