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Your presence defines your brand. The last thing you’d want is to have an inconsistent presence. One of the biggest challenges you face when creating a (business) presentation is consistency in its branding. After all, everyone has their own interpretation of what a presentation (slide) should look like. A PowerPoint template can offer you the solution.

We also offer the Powerpoint training workshops.

Do you want to have a PowerPoint template made?

A consistent branding enables you to show not just uniformity, but also professionality. A PowerPoint template ensures that your presentations don’t just look similar, but also live up to your standards.

Rather work with Prezi? We can also develop Prezi templates.

What is a (PowerPoint) template?

A template is a set lay-out in a specific style (your branding) that enables you to create slides easily. A template consists of several options for visualizing certain data – from text and images to tables and other data – within the pre-set frames. Therefore, a template can be compared to guidelines which define the design of each presentation for your business.

Our approach.

When we create a PowerPoint template for you, we create an extensive slide deck, which’ll include multiple options for slides that you can use and customize as desired. It’ll work like this:

  • We decide on the content that you want to use the template for. When designing your PowerPoint template, we obviously take your needs into account: when you present certain types of data regularly, we will make sure that there will be lots of options to incorporate these in the template.
  • We provide you with plenty of options to get creative on your own, without having to look for the right materials. We ensure variation in shapes, colours and fonts, but also space for images and videos.
  • We can also provide you with customized icons and illustrations that you can use in the presentations.

With the PowerPoint template, we’ll provide you with everything you need to be able to design beautiful slides in a heartbeat, within a creative space.

To ensure that you can get started with the new PowerPoint template quickly and don’t have to search for ways to adapt something or where to find something, we also offer the possibility to receive QuickGuides: personalized videos in which we’ll explain in detail how to work with the created template. In this way, your entire team can easily get started with the pre-approved visuals and they’ll meet your standards without blinking.

What advantages does working with a template offer?

When you’re working with a template for all of your (business) presentations, you will experience the following advantages:

  • All of your presentations are designed according to the same branding guidelines, no matter who will design or present the presentation
  • The template ensures that you can create effective and attractive presentations in future in an easier and quicker way
  • You can be sure that you will portray both consistency and professionality with your presentation and, therefore, will lift your presence to a higher level

Presentation Design for Non-Designers.

You can give them the tools, but you have to teach them the skills.

When you have received the new template and the corresponding videos, you and your team can get started on creating attractive and effective presentation. However, we have experienced that you can make even more impact with your presentations when you are taught the needed skills by a presentation expert and you get started on the template together. That’s why we have created the training Presentation Design for Non-Designers....

During this PowerPoint-training, we will make sure that you can fully implement the template that we have developed for you within your company. We will guide your team members through all of the steps for creating PowerPoint slides within your own template, with your own branding.

Teekens Karstens Advocaten & Notarissen invested in PowerPoint templates in combination with our Presentation Design for Non-Designers training for its employees. They didn’t just want a new tool to work with, but the basic skills to be able to work with this tool, as well. By teaching their employees all the skills they need in order to design attractive presentations, they can prevent misses and could ensure efficient implementation of the new PowerPoint template.

Presentatie design non designers


Do you want to use moving image, such as video & animation, to make an impact on your audience and leave a memorable impression? Contact us for the possibilities considering video & animation.