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The end of 2022 is near. That means that it is time to share our top presentation trends & tools of the year with you, like we do every year! We have listed some innovative, creative and, mostly, super useful trends & tools that we believe can enrich the presence of your organization. Even more so, we believe that they must be a part of your creative toolbox. Let’s dive in, shall we?



Are you not that great at drawing, but would you like to incorporate handmade illustrations in your presentations or brand design? Then you’re absolutely going to be a Drawify-fan. We are such fans of this tool that we’ve already written a blog on it earlier this year. No surprise, right, with such an extensive database of illustrations that you can easily incorporate in your own designs? We keep on being amazed by the extensive offer of illustrations in different styles and think it is a real bonus that you can work with them as a user in a very simple way. Try it!


If you’ve been following us for some time now, this won’t be the first time (and probably not the last) that this tool appears. That’s not just because we are a certified Dutch Prezi Expert but mostly because this tool keeps developing in a way that we think is absolutely revolutionary. Prezi is quite innovative in itself by enabling interactive presenting, but they keep improving and adding new tricks to the repertoire. Now, you can create GIFs in Prezi, set a virtual background and integrate larger tools such as Webex and Zoom into you Prezi’s. A tool that you should certainly try some time if you haven’t done so (or use more often if you did) and one that keeps us coming back for more!


This tool couldn’t be left out. You might be familiar with the free version of Canva, which is, in itself, very pleasant to work with. If you use the free version of Canva often, Canva Pro Pro is definitely the way to go. If there is one tool that never ceases to amaze us, it’s Canva. More and more is becoming possible with this useful online tool and it is incredibly suited for non-designers. We encounter more and more clients that choose to work with this tool and with all its possibilities, we can understand. A real recommendation for if you want to get started with design in a simple way. 

Curious about even more different features of Canva Pro? Then read more about Canva Videohere, with the handy new addition of the video background remover!


This tool is also listed under ‘illustration tools’. Even so, we wanted to incorporate it in this list as well, because, let’s face it, we can always use a tool that can help us explore new worlds. And Mental Canvas is one of those, without a doubt.


We are really impressed by this tool, simply because it enables you to illustrate worlds in 3D, which creates the illusion for your audience that they are actually stepping into that world. As you can find in our blog, we recommend this tool mostly for innovative product presentations or developing a powerful and unique storytelling concept. Trust us, you will definitely make a stand with this tool!


Lastly, we want to bring this unique illustration tool to your attention. If there is something that we think is cool about Design Stripe , it’s its usability. You can get started with premade illustrations and edit them entirely to fit your wishes: other colours, change the shape of the figurines, quieting down or intensifying your canvas by adjusting the number of illustrations, you name it. Very useful for incorporating into presentations and web pages, but the illustrations can also be used for reports, brochures and even apps. Do you have the afternoon off? Get creative with this tool!

Did we creatively trigger you to explore the limitations of a design, but are you getting stuck? Or did you see something that appeals to you, but are you not keen on working on it yourself? No worries: our Savvy Team will gladly help you find the right tool and will happily make sure that you leave with a creative, unique and memorable design. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!