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Visuele succesfactor op events.

Have you ever seen it? You are at an event where several presentations are given. Unfortunately, the one presentation in terms of design is even less suitable than the other. In addition, the style of the presentation totally doesn’t fit the style of the event. This is incredibly frustrating and it is extremely difficult to keep the focus on the presentations.

Mandy has often seen this at various events. Seeing gaping people, people who look at their phone or simply do not pay attention to the speaker during the presentation is nothing new for her.

According to Mandy this should definitely be different. One day, when she was with a client, Ali Stewart & CO, who was busy organizing the event Astounding Leadership Insights, Mandy suggested to let Present Savvy take control of the entire branding. In this way, Ali Stewart could focus on the marketing around the event. Ali was enthusiastic and the collaboration came about. The event around leadership contained three keynotes and three quest speakers. For each speaker we have restyled the presentation in the style of the event. We also have featured the speakers with posters, where the audience could write feedback on. Furthermore we gave everyone a quote booklet with five inspiring quotes of each speaker and sponsor. Our collaboration with Ali Stewart has contributed to a great success!

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See the photos below for the result: