Prezi Video presentations in your branding


With a Prezi Video presentation, you can show your presentation online while being in the presentation itself thanks to video footage. Because of this, you can truly be a part of your presentation while your body is floating between the visuals you have created to share your story with. With the Prezi Video tool, you can lift your online presentation to the next level in the blink of an eye.

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Why a Prezi Video presentation?

Online presentations are very popular. Presentation tools are used during online meetings, workshops, training, webinars and events. With Prezi Video you can create an impressive presentation in a few minutes and use it immediately in a live stream or online video conference. Prezi Video works with various video conferencing software, for example; Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, YouTubeLive and more. You can also record videos with the Prezi presentation and save and share them with your audience in a few clicks. ... Prezi Video has several templates to choose from, but you can also insert your own PowerPoint presentation. By using this tool you influence the experience of your audience by adding an extra dimension to your presentation. You are really in your presentation instead of in a small box at the bottom of your audience's screen, which makes them feel more involved in the presentation and its content. Need tips and tricks for your online presentation? In our blog "Now I have to present (and work) online! 5 tips & tools." we give some useful tips on how to take your online presentations to the next level.

Custom Prezi Video presentation

Are you giving an online presentation soon or do you want to record a presentation and send it as a video? We can create you a custom Prezi Video: in your branding with supporting visuals to empower your story. By now, we have experience with creating Prezi Video’s for various professional speakers, educational institutions and companies.

Converting Prezi to Prezi Video presentation

Do you already have a Prezi, but do you want to convert it to Prezi Video to present online? We can also do that for you!

Convert PowerPoint to Prezi Video presentation

Do you want to have your existing PowerPoint converted to Prezi Video? If you’d rather not want to present your PowerPoint from a small box at the bottom of your Zoom screen, this is what you are looking for. We can help you convert your PowerPoint to a Prezi Video.

Prefer a ‘normal’ Prezi presentation?

Prezi is mostly known for its mind map structure. Instead of working with separate slides, like in PowerPoint or Keynote, Prezi works with an infinite canvas. This tool, therefore, requires another way of thinking.

Do you want to have a Prezi presentation made?