Communicating visually in an effective way


We deal with huge amounts of information that can barely be processed on a daily basis. Therefore, it is a challenge to ensure that a message truly makes an impact while and after being conveyed.

During the training session ‘Visual Thinking’, you will learn how to visualize. In order to do so, you will first learn how to think visually! By visualizing the most important information and present it to others in a creative way, information can be processed faster. Also, the audience will be engaged longer and can be triggered faster, which makes them remember your message better. Therefore, it’s not just efficient, but also effective and – let’s not forget – very attractive to watch!

During the training session, we will speak to the creative abilities of your team. In doing so, different perspectives will surface: one person visualizes in a complete other way than another, which can result in different angles for the same subject. This training session, therefore, is a creative brainstorm!



What does this training/workshop provide you with?


In order to transform ideas to images – visualizing – you need various basic techniques. That’s why we kick off this training session with training in association; once you learn how to think visually and you can effectively transform ideas into images… ...

To shape your visualizations, we will then teach you the basic techniques of drawing. You do not need any drawing experience for this, we really start at the beginning. To be able to visualize well, you do not necessarily need advanced drawing techniques. The key to success lies in linking a visual concept to an idea or a thought. This is what we will be working on during the training.

After you have learned to think visually and to use drawings to create visualizations, you will start creating your own template. This template can be used to visualize brainstorm sessions, implementation sessions, business model analyses or strategy sessions. You can apply this within your own team, but of course also use it during meetings with clients/clients to leave a memorable, unique impression.


Mandy Schild

Mandy Schild

Presentation Specialist

Pascalle Karthaus

Pascalle Karthaus


Malik Ivan

Malik Ivan


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Are you an (inspiring) leader? Do you want to truly make an impact when you’re presenting? We can help you to your next level.

We will show you the various visualization techniques and introduce you to a sample of visual tools and tools that stimulate online collaboration

What does a great presentation exist of exactly? With a presentation canvas and various online tools, you are going to work to create a memorable presentation.


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