Prezi & Prezi video training.

Visual content is becoming more important

Prezi & Prezi video training.

When you give a presentation, you want to make your audience feel interested and engaged. But with all the current distractions, that can be quite a challenge. That is why, during the ‘Prezi’ training, will teach you how to create an interactive presentation that can hold your audience’s attention.

During the ‘Prezi & Prezi Video’ training session, you will learn all the ins and outs of designing an impactful and memorable presentation. There are various components that contribute to creating a proper presentation, including the design of your presentation. That is why our experienced presentation designers will show you how to create a presentation that ensures that your message will make an impact.



What does this training/workshop provide you with?


To design an effective and attractive presentation, firstly, you need to know what makes a presentation successful. That’s why we will elaborate on what we call The Savvy Way; which components build a proper presentation?...

Then we will teach you the skills to actually design a presentation.We'll show you how to work with Prezi and Prezi Video and explain how you can apply your company's corporate identity so that all your presentations from now on will be professional, uniform and attractive. We will also give you many tips and tricks on how to work efficiently with a presentation template, so you can always safeguard the branding of your company, no matter who makes the presentation. Finally, we will take you through the more advanced options that Prezi and Prezi Video bring, so you can create presentations that not only look good on screen, but are also easy to edit behind the scenes.

Together, you will work on the template for your own company, so that you will have an attractive, usable and professional template to work with after the training session. Talking about efficiency! During the offline training, you will also battle each other: we organize a competition during which you will battle each other to design the most attractive slide.

Certified Prezi Expert.

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Mandy Schild

Mandy Schild

Presentation Specialist

Leonie Mallee

Leonie Mallee

Presentation Designer

Richard de Hoop

Richard de Hoop


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