Recently, I took a trip to Hungary with a super cool purpose. As a Prezi Expert, I was invited to a special ‘Prezi Expert’ meeting at the office in Budapest. Here, we got to hear about all the ins and outs regarding the developments within Prezi and we received tips and tricks for creating even more awesome content. Fully inspired, I took a plane back to the Netherlands. As a Prezi specialist, I would like to keep you posted on the developments regarding this innovative presentation tool. Are you ready?

Prezi Next

Whenever we tell our (potential) clients that we work with Prezi, we often get to hear: ‘Prezi, hasn’t that tool seen its best days?’ Our response is always: ‘Absolutely not!’ We believe that Prezi is one of the innovators within the world of presentations. They are constantly developing and improving their presentation tool and, whilst doing so, enabling functions that PowerPoint and Keynote have been struggling with for years, such as the Cloud integration.

A little over a year ago, in June of 2017, Prezi launched the new, relatively unknown version of their presentation platform: Prezi Next. The original tool was named Prezi Classic and was only accessible to those that were working with Prezi before the launch of Next. New users could only get started with Prezi Next, the upgraded version of the tool. Prezi Next offers some possibilities that were not enabled within the Classic version, which makes the tool easier and faster to use.


Prezi Next in 2019

Some exciting Prezi developments are scheduled to be launched in the new year. These developments will mostly make sure that the tool will be even more user-friendly. As such, it will become easier to add your own content, like cool visuals, and Prezi will offer an even larger library for when you’re not in a creative mood. With more templates and more amazing content, it will become even easier to quickly create an effective and attractive Prezi.

However, not just the tool’s usability will be improved. In 2019, it will (finally) be possible to convert PowerPoint presentations to Prezi. It used to be possible in Prezi Classic, but since the introduction of Prezi Next, that was no longer the case. In 2019, it should become possible to convert an entire PowerPoint presentation to an effective and attractive Prezi in only 20 minutes. We can’t wait!

Technique of the future

Another super cool addition to the presentation platform is Prezi’s Augmented Reality option, also known as Prezi AR. This tool, that we have discussed previously in a blog [link blog Prezi AR], is exceptionally well-suited for online meetings and webinars thanks to its interactive aspect. This innovative tool has been in development for quite some time and it might be possible that it is going to be launched in 2019. We will keep you posted!

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