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Allert: keynote speakers are a marketing tool, too!

We all know The Next Web as THE event to check out new technologies, where large multinationals do their pitches. Think of corporates such as Nike, Google, National Geographic, Wikipedia, you name it. These are brands that invest an enormous amount of time and money into their branding and their marketing tools. So, you’d expect a lot from them during an event such as The Next Web, right?

How is it possible that companies (especially corporates) don’t invest in training their speakers? Reciting your story with an audience of 1500 (excluding live stream), at the TNW, I cannot understand that. This kind of brands have a close watch on their branding, file a lawsuit whenever you touch their logos or slogan, but investing in a person that is standing on stage or in the presentation that he/she is showing, that never crosses their minds. Why?


Marketing 2.0

Conclusion: the importance of a great presentation is still hugely underestimated, even by the multinationals that are experts when it comes to branding and marketing. What is actually really strange, since a presentation – especially at an event such as The Next Web – is in fact also a marketing tool. Why don’t they invest as much time in a great presentation as they do in creating a branding or marketing strategy for their company? After all, a presentation contributes to the branding and brand message as much as any other tool.

Balance the art & science

Wat iedereen lijkt te vergeten is dat een presentatie niet slechts bestaat uit het verhaal wat je vertelt. Je presentatie valt en staat met de manier waarop je je verhaal vertelt. De sleutel tot succes is dan ook het vinden van de perfecte balans tussen de inhoud van je verhaal  (content), de (visuele) ondersteuning die je erbij gebruikt(design), en de manier waarop je het verhaal overbrengt (delivery). Alleen als deze drie componenten goed worden uitgevoerd, heb je een succesvolle presentatie; een verhaal kan nog zo goed zijn, maar als je het niet kunt overbrengen, komt je boodschap niet aan. Om nog maar niet te spreken over visuals die zwaar onder de maat zijn.


Call to action: let’s take this seriously

With this blog, I would like to call out all corporates (and all other organizations that can identify themselves) to take presentations as seriously as every other marketing tool and provide their speakers with proper training. Make sure your story is solid as a rock, your visuals are next level and your delivery is catchy. Because you have an enormous reach, especially as such a large corporate; it would be a waste not to be able to reach the audience despite that…

Fun fact and wow:

The best speaker I have seen on TNW, in my opinion, is James Beacham. Wow. You think: “A particle physicist at the ATLAS Experiment at CERN – oooh, a nerd. If only that turns out okay!” IN my opinion, he has transcended all others. An icebreaker, the storytelling, a story with a head, body and tail, the simplifying and visualizing of complex matters and a PASSION, like, wow! Hereby, I’d like to show you my recordings, probably available through the TNW very soon. Hats off to them, because they have orchestrated a kickass event!

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