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Presentatiedesign vs. Design – wat is het verschil?

The content of your presentation is complete, but now it has to look good too! And design is not your strongest suit… Where to begin, where to find the right icon for your text? Let’s just stick to bullets again, at least those are clear… Which professional doesn’t face this struggle regularly? Creating a presentation costs an enormous amount of time and most of them aren’t visually attractive.

Of course you can always take on a designer to do the job for you. But can you really? A designer will definitely make your presentation look good, but if you really want to create an effective presentation, a presentation designer will cater to your very needs.

What is the actual difference between design and presentation design? We are specialised in presentation design, -tools and concepts and are therefore happy to explain this difference to you!


What is design?

To explain the difference between design and presentation design, we need to get into the concept of ‘design’ first. Design ‘an sich’ is a very broad concept. It basically means that you make/create something. What that is exactly, depends on the discipline within which you create. From fashion design and interior design to graphic design and product development – all these disciplines involve creation. That’s the reason there’s the saying: “Design is thinking made visual”. You can think of clothing, furniture or poster, but also leaflets, e-books, flyers and websites. And, let’s not forget, the presentation.

What exactly is presentation design?

Presentation design is basically a speciality within a design niche. How many times were you frustrated by presentations with an information overload, unclear lay-out, confusing structure, blurred images, and so on? A presentation designer has the knowledge and skills to resolve these issues. Therefore, a presentation designer is not only occupied with the look & feel of the presentation, but is also hugely involved in logically structuring the content. Research on subject, context and working field is therefore essential for visual communicating. We like to call it ‘content design’, a.k.a. making sure that the message you’re trying to convey is empowered at the right moment during your presentation and with the right visualisations. So not just ‘pasting images’ because it looks prettier, but making sure that what you show actually matters to the audience.


What is the actual difference?

Most people replace the word ‘presentation’ in a sentence with the word ‘PowerPoint: “Let’s make a PowerPoint”. But what you’re striving for when making a PowerPoint is conveying your message, story or idea, right? What is really important when creating a presentation, is that you have to visualize whatever needs stressing in the right way and at the right moment. That is the only way that you can create emotional impact and will make sure that people remember the message you’re trying to convey. And that is what you want, right?

Often, we hear people say: ‘Everyone can make a presentation, right?’ Yes, that is true. Everyone with Microsoft PowerPoint can basically create a presentation, but to make your presentation as attractive and effective as possible, that is quite the challenge. Whenever you design a presentation, there are a lot of factors you have to take into account. Therefore, there’s a whole lot more to presentation design than you might have thought. You’re not only working with different programmes, you are also forced to think differently about what you’re visualizing. In this way, you are not only occupied with optimizing the look & feel of the presentation, but you, as a presentation designer, can challenge the content of the presentation. Do the slides really make a contribution? Do they empower the story? How can you visualize complex matters? Is the design practical to work with? Is there a clear balance in the information you are presenting? Therefore, it’s not just about making something look nice, it’s about clearly conveying a message.


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