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Prezi ar – the future of presenting?.

When you work in a world of design, ‘innovation’ is a word that is used at least once every day. And, to be honest, we get really excited when we get to work with a new tool. Nowadays, we communicate digitally more and more. Because of this, various tools have arisen that combine verbal and visual communication. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much impressive tools recently, but Prezi has yet again succeeded in introducing another way of thinking (just like when they launched their tool 10 years ago).

If you like innovation as much as we at Present Savvy do, this article is definitely meant for you. Because if one thing is innovating, it is definitely this super cool tool that is slowly taking over the world of presentations. We got to use it during the NK Pitchen 2018 for the first time in the Netherlands. Let us tell you a bit more about Prezi’s Augmented Reality.


What is augmented reality?

Maybe you have heard of it: Augmented Reality (AR). This tool has existed for a while: it was first introduced during the fifties. Ever since the nineties, it was actually put into use in combat airplanes to provide the pilots with extra information and support whilst peering out the window of their planes. With Augmented Reality you can add a surreal image layer (e.g. holding information) to a real image.

What does that mean?

When you use Augmented Reality, you add information to the reality. You still get to see all objects and persons around you, but with some extra information. You don’t need to wear glasses to be able to see this, as with 3D-images, but you do need an extra screen (like a laptop or smartphone) to be able to see the extra information. When the camera of your extra device registers a so-called marker, this will trigger the device to show the extra information. This marker could be a QR-code, barcode or other unique image. The information that is summoned can be static, but can also react to the user in real-time. How cool is that?

Augmented Reality seems like a really cool addition, but why exactly would we want to use this tool in presentations? Firstly, we are convinced that Augmented Reality holds the future. You can use it to influence the experience of your audience by basically adding an extra dimension. With this interactive space, you can apply super cool functions that aren’t common in regular presentations.

Secondly, it provides you with endless possibilities. Nobody likes slides that are crammed with text, right? By converting your presentation to a separate, interactive image layer that you can display in a video of you presenting, you can avoid a huge overload of textual information and you can create really cool visuals with the image. Inserting videos or a complete interactive design, for example – no doubt that your audience is blown away with amazement! It is proven that visuals stick with audiences better than text – the perfect reason to start using this interactive tool!

Sometimes we hear clients say: ‘Isn’t Prezi a little bit out of fashion?’. Absolutely not! Prezi Next and Prezi AR are both pearls to work with and dare every designer, marketer and visual communication specialist to learn how to think in another fashion. Chapeau! We definitely see the potential to implement this tool during virtual meetings, online education, webinars and events. There are not many agencies that get to work with this Prezi beta-tool. Therefore, we are very honoured to have been able to experience and work with this tool during the NK Pitchen 2018!


Curious as to what we can do for you and your presentation regarding AR? Don’t hesitate to contact us!